Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying to stay well...

We had a typical Tuesday around work and hanging out.  We are all fighting sicklies around here, so we stayed in...yep...missed Boy Scouts after a 2 week break.  We will get with someone and figure out what we missed.   We have pinewood derby coming soon... so we need to find out the info on that!  Ry hasn't decided what he wants his car to look like this year...he said a guitar, but Rog wasn't sure how we would pull that one off.  We will have to do some searching to see what idea he likes. 

Any suggestions out there?  Has your children ever participated in a Pinewood Derby? 

Riley has participated in 3 of them, and Samantha was able to do the siblings race in the past 2.  Last year, the service unit for the girl scouts started a race.  Samantha was able to race in that one as well.  They really enjoy making the cars and of course they have fun racing them.

In the past, Riley has made a car that looks like 'Lighten McQueen' and one year he made it navy blue and 'bear scout' related.  I can't remember the other one he has...  Samantha has make a ballerina slipper and a piano.  Looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year.

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