Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back into our routine!

Wednesday's our my *running* day.  The kiddos have music lessons, so we work all of our errands into this one day - so we aren't out running around the rest of the week (as much)!

Since they are calling for snow, we opted for the grocery store FIRST today...we decided that it was cool enough, err.. COLD enough to keep the groceries in the car until we got home.

We actually hit the library first.  I picked up a few books on insects since we are to that point in our science books and Italy since my girl scout girls will be hosting Italy for their Thinking Day booth.  Ry searched for rescue miners and actually found one book, and seemed to be happy with that.  Samantha found an American Girl Series about Julie so she was happy with that choice.

From there, we hit the grocery store.  I am trying hard to save on our grocery bill this year.  I am even one of those who will go to different stores to get the best deal...I have a few sites that I play around on that help me with this.  I saved $8 with coupons this week.  I strive to be one of those women who buy $100 worth of groceries and only pays $.25 for it... hmmm...maybe one of these days...

The kiddos were glad to be back on track with music lessons.  It was nice to be able to head straight home from music lessons, instead of still having to stop and grab groceries. 

The kiddos were back on track with church tonight ~ they had pizza there for dinner.  I had picked up a rotisserie chicken and Rog and I had chicken - me chicken salad sandwich and he had salad with chicken on it.  Yummo!

My last outing for the day was our Leader's Meeting.  I wasn't really up to going, but I needed to pick up some things for this weekend.  I got a call from a friend at church while I was at the meeting - she told me that Ry looks like he has pink eye!  WHAT?!?!  He was fine just 2 hours ago when I dropped him off...

When I got home...yep...looks like pink eye to me...what fun...guess I know what we will be doing tomorrow!

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