Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick of being sick..

With us being home all the time, we aren't as *exposed* to germs as much as everyone else, so we rarely get sick.  For some reason, it is hitting us this year and we can't seem to kick it. Nothing major, just head/chest colds and coughs that we can't seem to get rid of. I even felt bad enough that I missed our Girl Scout meeting tonight.  Will be glad when all of this is outta here!

Today, Riley's eye was still yuchy, so I called the doc and got him in first thing. He said those dreaded words that we knew were coming...Pink Eye... so, he gave him drops, with plenty of refills for when the rest of us end up with it, and sent us on our way.  I did think to ask him what should we be doing about our colds - he said keep on with the OTC stuff, so that is where we stand with that.

I feel like I should have a nursing degree with all the meds I am passing out here...hopefully it won't be much longer and we can put them all back in the cabinet where they belong.

We were able to at least make it through our math work today..but that is it. When we got home from the doc, Rog has a fire going, so we piled in there and did math, then we played Guitar Hero until dinner time.  Rog made burgers for dinner, then they went back to playing, with one of Rog's friends over, while I curled in the chair and watched them.

It's cold, and I am ready for my meds, so I am headed to bed!  As soon as I dispense the last round of meds for the troops...

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