Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's feelings...

I still have been feeling rather UGH... I think I am finally through with the cold/cough that I have had.  I think Samantha is over her also.  As for Ry, I will let ya know in the morning...he went to bed, on his own, not feeling well. His eyes are better though, so at least we are moving forward.

We took a semi-sick day.  Things weren't as stressed. We did lots of reading...spent lots of time laying in my bed...we got everything accomplished for the week.  I was so glad to get back in routine (in case you didn't notice by the titles of the rest of my posts from this week), then the week really seemed crazy at the same time...

Since Ry had pink eye, they decided he should be quarantined at home and couldn't go visit with Gramma.  So, we had to make alternate plans for Samantha and her Girl Scout Cookie Rally.  I thought I was going to have to pawn her off on one of my other moms, but Gramma stepped up and took her.  Ry and I hung out here and watched some Food Network, and he took a bath.  Samantha and Gramma said they had a good time at the Rally, so that's what counts!

The temperature here is being everywhere else I suppose...record lows tonight. They are calling for the low to be 7 ~ that's in the city where they are...we're usually a few degrees cooler than they are...we pulled out all the blankets for tonight!!

I have been working on moving my posts over to here, so I apologize if I am on your feeder...only 1100 more to go :) ~ bear with me please, it will be over soon.

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