Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to routine...on a snow day??

We were so glad to get back on track today!!  Even the kiddos were!  Rog got up super early and went duck hunting.  I got up with him and turned on the news because it ended up snowing (flurries) all day yesterday and there was a layer on the street.  I was curious if the schools were going to close about it. They did.  Once Rog left, I went back to sleep and was woke up to a very excited little boy a little after 8am.  He was sure excited about the half inch of snow on the ground. He and I got up and moving slowly...

Finally at 10, I had him wake Samantha up to the news of the snow so she could eat and we could get started on school work.  She was very cooperative considering she was woke up.  We breezed through school work, even trying a couple of new things.  We stopped for lunch and then I sent them outside for a quick run in the snow.  Once they came in, we took the ornaments off the tree (well, they did while I read to them) and got the last of the Christmas stuff down and out of here!  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing around trying to get this new blog figured out.

We were supposed to have Ladies Bible Study tonight, but due to the weather it was canceled.  I was kinda glad that it was canceled- I really wanted to go, but I am trying to fight getting sick and didn't need to go expose that worked out for me...

Dinner was open-faced roast beef sandwiches and potato pancakes.  Rog went to the fire station and the kiddos and I hung out here.  Samantha is getting over a slight sickness and Riley is trying to catch one, so they both went to bed with medicine.

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  1. Hey Christa, glad to see you here! If you look on my sidebar, there are 3 sites that make backgrounds for Blogger. You might be able to find something firefighter-ish there. :) They have everything! And it is so easy to install on your blog. I change mine all the time. Let me know if you need any help!


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