Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothing but ice...

Yes, that is all that fell from the sky today here at the house...

I woke up to the sound of ice falling outside the window at 4:30am.  Since Roger had to go to the station today, I woke him up and encouraged him to go ahead and get up and head on to work.  I dozed on and off until I heard from him, then went back to sleep for another hour.  That's when the kiddos woke up and realized that something had fallen through the night.  They were sad that it was all ice nd we couldn't go make snowmen. 

They were watching the news with me and realized that all schools were closed (asked- even homeschools?).  We were planning on school today, but they wanted to call gramma and see if they could go play with Chunky.  She offered to come get them for the day.  I did some cleaning around here, and was just being lazy!!

I had my window (curtains) open so I could see out front and watch what was falling.  The people in the neighborhood spent time out on their 4wheelers and the dog laid on the bed watching all of them.   She wasn't crazy about the weather and didn't spend much time out there.

Gramma kept the kiddos...not sure when I will get them back.  They did get Riley signed up for baseball.

I made some 'overnight coffee cake' from the website and it is in the fridge waiting for Rog to get home in the morning.  Time to go read!

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