Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed in ..sorta ...

Roger was able to make it home this morning...took him a little longer than normal, but he made.  The kiddos were still at Gramma's.  We made the Overnight Coffee Cake for breakfast, then hung out for a while. A friend came over on his 4wheeler and encouraged Roger to go sledding.  They took the Jeep and went to the top of the hill (huge hill, where you can see forever).  They grabbed the kiddos on the way and had a great time sledding for a while.  Rog took the kiddos back to Gramma's then came to get me so we could go over there.  Chili for dinner and then the 'guys' and Samantha and Em all went to Monster Trucks while me, Chelle and Gramma watched Nights in Rodanthe and then Mothman Prophecies...both great movies!!

We got an email saying that church was canceled for in the morning, so the kiddos stayed at Gramma's again...Roads were still icy, so we carefully trekked home to the warmth!

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