Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's still cold out...

but it's warming up. It got all the way up to 32 today!!  Heat wave considering it has been 15 or so!

Rog got up way  early and went duck hunting with some friends.  I woke up as he was leaving and had trouble getting back to sleep. Since I was up, I played around on the computer, moved some more of my posts, answered some emails, chatted with a friend until time to wake the kiddos for church.  Service was nice, but I didn't take too many notes today...

After church, we came home to have some lunch, then Samantha and I had to head back out for Cookies and Milk with the Mayor. We were doing a promotion to kick off cookie sales, got some media news crew and a paper were there! The girls had a lot of fun and enjoyed chatting with the mayor.

After our event, we headed home to grab Rog.  Ry had already gone to my parents house with them earlier, but we were headed there for dinner.  Dad made tacos with all the fixin's ~ always a hit, since it is all of our faves!

There were no games tonight ~ Chelle had to head out and meet Em's dad to pick up her medicine and Rog was tired from being up all day, so it was home to bed for everyone.

**The girls did make the 10 o'clock news!!

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