Monday, January 11, 2010

Plain ol' Monday...

Today was plain and simple around here. Rog was at the station and we had no plans for the day or the evening.  We moved slow this morning, but we did get started on school work before lunch time.  In fact, despite our slow start, we were able to accomplish quite a bit before lunch.  The kiddos took a lunch break and had some free time, I had some lunch and read for a bit.  We jumped right back into schooling.  We were interuppted by an important phone call, and it took us some time to get back in the swing of where we were...but we finished with plenty of time to spare! 

Dinner was chicken and dumplings.  After dinner, the kiddos played cars in Samantha's room and I finished reading my book. They both hit the bed pretty quickly tonight, so I am headed there myself.

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