Saturday, January 16, 2010

Girl Scouts ALL DAY LONG!!!

What a LONG day!!  I am eXhausted!!!!!

I woke Samantha and Emmy up at 5:30.  They got up, dressed, ate, primped and such.  Em's mom brought her lunch and the rest of her stuff over and helped me load the car and we headed to the church!

All my girls were there and ready to go!  We got lunches packed, they drew straws and we got them settled and we hit the road at 6:36AM (just a few minutes off of what my aim was!)  Fayetteville is 3.5 hours from here...5 pre-teen girls singing Hannah Montana songs that they don't know all the words to made it even longer!!

We arrived at Walton Arts Center right on time.  They started the girls with some silly *get to know you* type activities that taught them about being on stage.  The girls were then treated to a live performance of A Year with Frog and Toad (which was SUPER CUTE, by the way)!  After a quick break for lunch, the girls got to learn one of the songs/dance routines that Frog and Toad performed during the show.  Really cute and the girls had so much fun!  Kassi and Melissa at Walton Arts Studio in Fayetteville are awesome!! If you ever get a chance to take a class with them, please do so! They were great!

The ride home was an even longer 3 and half hours...they were all so tired, they were all so LOUD, I was very tired and to top it off, it was foggy and raining!  We survived the ride without stopping and putting folks out and minimal tears shed (by the girls, not me)!

Emmy came home with us to spend the night again.  Her mom met us at the house with pizza and cookies...The girls joined in with Rog and Billy playing Guitar Hero ~ Emmy ROCKS on the drums!!  They played Wii for a while, then headed to Samantha's room to play for a while, then right at bedtime, they finished up a few songs with the guys.

They are all headed to bed....along with me....I am so tired...and we have church in the morning!

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