Saturday, January 23, 2010

Destination Disney ~ Revisited ~ Question 1

Heidi over at Reviews and Reflections had a really cool  meme last year...Destination Disney!!  I really had fun doing it, but I feel like I let her down, because I wasn't very consistent with my, I didn't have any photos on my desktop, they were all on the OLD laptop.  We have since moved/copied the pictures to a thumb drive, so I should be able to pull them up on my new laptop and share photos this time!!

Ok, on to this week's questions!

HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU VISITED DISNEY THEME PARKS? (I'd love to know the years you've visited, and see pictures too, if you have them!) I have been to Disney parks 3 times.  I went with a girl friend of mine in 1996 for a week, then we went with my parents, sister and niece in June of 2008 and with my in-laws and nephew in October 2008.  IF I have pics of when I went in 96, I wouldn't have the first clue as to where they are...I am not even sure I took photos then... As for my other two trips... Here is all of us at our first park in our June trip:

(yes, we wore matching shirts all 4 days at each park and while it may look was the BEST idea!  We were able to look up at any point in time and see where everyone in our group was).

In October, this is the best we got of all of us.  We were at Rainforest Cafe in DownTown Disney, and yes...I am wearing the same shirt!! LOL

WHICH PARKS HAVE YOU VISITED? (by this, I mean location, such as Florida, California, Tokyo, etc.) I went to Orlando all three times

So, if you are a Disney Freak, or even just a fan...shoot...even if you have only been once...hop over there and check out her blog and join in on this meme with us!  It's a lot of fun!!

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