Sunday, December 13, 2009

Piano Recital ~ 1st one! She made it through!!!

Samantha had her very first, in front of tons of people, piano recital today!  She was very nervous - she learned a new word some where - stage fright - and she had used it a time or two!  She was dressed and ready to go and I was very proud that she didn't seem nervous about it.  When got to the nursing home and she was number 8 on the list.  She stood by waiting patiently!  One younger girl before her messed up (scared the little girl) so I told Samantha that if she messes up, just pick up where she knows where she is and keep going.  She watched her teacher and when it was her turn, she marched right up there and put her book up and started playing!  She only missed 1 note, but had some issues with her book staying in place, so she had to adjust it a time or two.  She did wonderful.  When she was finished, she grabbed her book, walked back over where we were, found me and STARTED BAWLING!!!!!  Her nerves must have gotten the best of her ~ she said that she was crying because she was glad it was over and she made it through!  I did tell her once good thing was that she had made it through her 'first' and she would never have another one, so there should be no more stage fright issues - she said that she was going to be 'not so nervous' at the spring recital.

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