Monday, November 2, 2009

Homeschool Crew: abcteach membership

As a homeschool mom, I know that all of us like the word free! I know that I search for free 'extras' and 'go-along' type stuff all the time. One place I can usually find something that goes along with what we are working on is abcteach. They have tons of freebies!! Anything you can think of, want or need - it's possible they have it free.

As part of the Crew, we were given a free one month membership. This membership gave us access to so much more that I seriously did not have time to take it all in!! My initial thought was, there is so much for free on here, what else could there possibly be? Oh My! I could not believe what all was available!! I am not one that would normally want or use a membership like this, but let me just say, this one is going on my 'want list'!

As I mentioned before, there really was so many neat things that we had access to and I hope that one day very soon it is in my budget to purchase a full year membership. One thing I do want to share - the kiddos and I really actually enjoyed spelling for this few weeks, because there were so many different word puzzles that we were able to plug our spelling list into and print out. They seem to be more worksheet oriented, and they had a lot of fun with the sheets from abcteach.

I can see where this membership would benefit many types of homeschool families. There were worksheets, printables that can be used for notebooking and lapbooking, holiday related items, and I can see where this could be used as a main part of *some* families curriculum- with the handwriting sheets, spelling word pages and many more that would be suffice for a mom who can really pull things together!

Disclaimer: As part of The Homeschool Crew, I was given a free one month membership in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation for this. For more reviews and opinions about ABC Teach, please visit the Crew linked above.

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