Thursday, October 8, 2009

Simple Days

Nothing big on our plates for today.  We had our normal school work and chores.  Once they finished with their school work, I sent them out to play.  Samantha's recent love is riding her bike! She spends hours outside riding around and around the backyard.  Riley will pull out his bike and ride and ramp!  He has asked me to check out BMX for him... I guess I should....
Tonight was Girl Scouts and neither my co-leader or I had anything planned, so....we played games and sang GS songs!  We have 2 new girls in our troop, so it was a good thing for the troop to hang out and have fun - get to know each other.
One of my GS parents GRACIOUSLY loaned me their old phone!  It is like the one I dunked, so I know how to work it - just got to clean all of her apts and contacts off here and start adding mine...
Rog is waiting on me to watch Survivor!  So I am off here to crawl in bed and work on this new phone and watch Survivor!

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