Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainy Friday

We woke up to cool and rainy day today.  The kiddos didn't have much school to finish, so we finished that up and finished Samantha's clothes.  After lunch, we decided to join the homeschool group at the skating rink.  Kiddos had a great time skating, Heeling, scootering and running with their friends!
Samantha went to Gramma's for the night and Riley has Em over to spend the night.  Since they took over the TV in the den, I went to bed!  I sat in there and worked on getting the rest of the contacts in my phone!  I finished that, now I just need to get my calendar updated, then I will be back up and running!
Kiddos are finally settling down to watch a movie, so I am headed to 11pm.... maybe they will go on to sleep!

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