Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Nature Friend Magazine

This came in the mail the other day, and I had a chance to just skim over it before the kiddos grabbed it!!
It went missing for a few days, then I finally made the request that whoever had confiscated it, please return it - suddenly, no one had it!  Mysteriously, it was on my desk this morning...hmm...I didn't ask!
Through The Crew, we were given a two month trail period to Nature Friend Magazine, complete with Study Guide.  For some reason, we are not very nature oriented homeschoolers.  I like the ideas, but they just don't ever seem to happen with us like the do for some folks.  So, while I thought these magazines were cute and the kiddos enjoyed them, I am not quite sure how I would work them into our school.  The Study Guide was attached in the center, and popped out for each use but the teacher.  Both the magazine and the study guide were full of wonderful information, awesome pictures and even items sent in by readers! 
The kiddos have spent quite a bit of time with these two magazines - you can tell they have been loved these past two months!
I think if you are a nature loving, outdoors as much as you can be, studying all about the plants and animals, these are wonderful magazines!  I think there is much information that can be used from these magazines!
For more reviews and such on the Nature Friend Magazine, please visit the Crew link above!
In the center of the magazine

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