Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Typical day... sort of...

Rog was home today and it was errand day (he hates going with us on errand day but he also hates sitting around the house - he hasn't decided which is worse -LOL)
Anyways, he was going to go meet some friends at the park to play Frisbee golf, so we loaded up our school work and went to.  They headed off into the woods to play some disc golf, and we made ourselves comfy at the picnic tables.  They worked very hard and got their school work done with out any fussing.  The guys were still playing when we had to leave to head to piano.  We stopped at the visitor's center to pick up some information about Arkansas for their upcoming report, then headed to piano.  It was a nice day out, so Riley and I hung out in the car while Samantha went to lessons (if the weather is too hot/too cold, we go inside).
After piano we grabbed some lunch and went to visit my aunt at her store.  While we were there- the BOTTOM FELL OUT!!  It was pouring down rain!! (Remember how we left the guys in the woods playing disc golf - heehee).  Rog found me and he was pretty wet - he went to guitar with us and hung out in the car with Samantha and I.
It was nice having him at the grocery store - made things go much faster!  Home to get ready for church ~kiddos were going to eat there -chili dogs- and Rog and I bought a rotisserie chicken and I had chicken salad on a bagel and he had a salad with some chicken!
We started a new lesson tonight at church. Brother P is going to be teaching from the Purpose Drive Life.  Great lesson to hear - I took tons of notes!  I think I may share some here on my was really good stuff!

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