Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little progress...

We visited with the doctor for a while today about Samantha's speech issues.  We visited an ENT in July.  Mainly to discuss an ear issue that was going on, but while we were there, I mentioned the nose bleeds. I also mentioned that I was concerned a little about her speech. We have seen a speech therapist and she is referring us to Children's because Samantha has hyper-nasality and VPI - if you search hyper-nasality, VPI will come up with it - some long word I can't pronounce or spell - but it is there to understand what it is.
So, you know how this insurance game works -we had to go BACK to our pcp and ask him to give Children's a call.  We had that appointment this morning and when we left, they were leaving for lunch, but told me that they would get us an appointment scheduled.  Hopefully they will call me back next week, however, I am not sure that we will be getting in to Children's any time soon! But, we are on our way. 
I also talked with the doctor about her possibly having a touch of dyslexia and we discussed what steps I needed to take to get that looked into.  I will let you know what route I go and where we end up with this.
Our original plans from there were to run across town and pick up a keyboard for Samantha - one that was being given to us!  We called and the lady said it was storming horribly there and to not come today, that we would work something out. She called later and said she would bring it out to us tomorrow - yippee!!
We came home, finished school work and just chilled most of the afternoon. 
We had a GREAT girl scout meeting - they are going to have such a great year!! I am excited for them! 
From there we went out to the softball fields to watch the church team play their second game.  They won the first, but lost the second.  We were out late, but we were with friends and having a good time!

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