Friday, September 4, 2009

Recycle Field Trip

You may remember back some time ago we visited the dump - that is no longer a dump because that is not PC. SO, some time ago - early springish- we visited the Landfill.  The kiddos all went on a tour of the inside, learned about the layers, then got to go out past the point of being allowed to where they were actually working and watch.  Learned a lot and it was pretty cool. 
So, this morning, we went to the local recycle center - as a follow up from the dump, err.. landfill trip.  We toured the warehouse and watched some of the machines work where they bundled the separated products into huge bales to sell.  He said they sell the bundles all over the place to bigger companies that can do the actual recycling. It was a pretty neat tour.
We came home and after lunch the kiddos worked pretty hard on their school work, and then they were great helpers with the chores.  We spent the evening cleaning - top to bottom, then after that, we just chilled and watched movies. 

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