Thursday, September 24, 2009

Still completely drained...

WOW...I know I said it already, but yesterday was a really long day.  I am still dragging from it...
Rog went to help out at my sister's office, and the kiddos and I managed to do school for the day.  But that was chores got done around here.  Of course, that may have been different had we picked up some groceries when we were out on Wednesday.  But, since we didn't, I had to get out again today to pick some things up.  Wouldn't ya know it, we waited until it started raining...
Somewhere in the middle of today, I made a call to the local school and left a message for the principal to give me a call back....we shall see how long that takes!
Rog was home when we got home, and he took over and made dinner...I think I just vegged... Dinner was YUMMY!  One of my favorites (because it is super-simple as well as yummy).  We had chicken-alfredo bow-ties with garlic cheese biscuits!
Samantha and I headed out to scouts...the girls worked on their things for their carnival booth that is coming soon!  We are having a pirates treasure chest game and they painted the treasure chests and made signs for our booth.  Will post pictures after the event!  Something 'super cool' about scouts tonight~ the solider that we had sent a goodie box over seas for ~ HE CAME TO VISIT!!  The girls were super excited!  I was too...pretty neat, considering we do not personally know anyone that is overseas!
Rog and Ry waited on us to get home to watch Survivor, so I am outta here to join them!

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