Friday, September 25, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Growing Healthy Homes ~ Nutrition 101

Science? A possibility...
Health? Definitely a choice!
Doesn't matter which subject you want to use this one under, it will be a great choice! 

 Check out Growing Healthy Homes!  They have a wonderful ebook download called Nutriton 101: Choose Life that is an awesome curriculum for any age!
When I first started reading thru it, all 400+ pages of it! I was thinking, Oh, we could use this as Health. But the more I explored, I realized that this could also be used as a great Science curriculum!  It has the body and it's system and functions broke into different units and it is full of explanation on the parts!
I am using it with my 4th graders this year, but it could very well work with all levels and be done as together time with the entire family.  Since the kiddos are loving their science choice for this year, we just picked this up and are using it for our health!
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