Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not your average Wednesday

Today's schedule was slightly altered by the fact that we were able to get the appointment with the ENT at Children's.  Her appointment was at 12:30 so we left out of here around 10:30am, because I had a couple of other errands to do.  Once we had been by the Girl Scout office, and two schools for some scout business we headed to the hospital.
After roaming thru the halls and ending up in what seemed like the next county, we got checked in.  Our first apt was with a speech pathologist.  There were actually two of them and they seemed to see everything totally opposite as the SLP from the doctor who referred us.  They said probably no VPI, but a lot of articulation issues.  They didn't do the Arizona or the Frisoe (I think that is it); but they did a couple of other things that showed the VPI issues (or lack of them).  The SLP that worked with us were super great and suggested that we start with the school district and get her tested and in services thru them. 
The Dr., who was a VPI specialist, agreed with the SLP on all accounts - that she didn't think it was VPI and that we should pursue the school district in getting her tested and placed for speech therapy.  She was very much on our side as far as what the school system should do for us and said that they would back us 100% in whatever becomes of us going up against the school district.
We were there at the hospital for 4 hours and when we got our, we were all starving.  We grabbed a frosty on the way home and got ready for church.
Our pastor has started a new series with our adult Bible Study class based on the Purpose Driven Life Book and I have been loving it!  It was a refreshing finish to such a long and draining day.

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