Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Studypod

Ok, so I get this 'thing' in the mail.  I wasn't really sure what exactly it was, or how to use it...but we tackled it and guess what!  It's pretty awesome!!
It is called a Studypod Book Holder and it is pretty neat. 

We have put it to good use.  I have used it with schooling, the kiddos have used it with schooling, I have used it in the kitchen with cookbooks, and I have used it here at the computer to hold just one piece of paper up.
As you can see, it come in several different colors. It opens up and has a handy small pouch on the inside to hold your small study needs!
The only problem we have found with the Studypod ~ we only have one and there are three of us!!!
For more reviews and opinions on this product, please click the Crew link above!

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