Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday ~ Holiday weekend

Rog was at the station today, and I got up right after he left, took my shower, put on some comfy clothes and packed me a bag and waited.  For my mother in law to come get me! She was here about 7am and we went to Chelle's house and scrapbooked ALL DAY!!!  Riley came over with Gramma and Samantha was at Chelle's already.  Chelle had to run an errand, so she grabbed some lunch while she was out.  I sat in my little area and worked thru some pics!  I got about 15  pages done today!
The kiddos were going to go home with Gramma tonight, but we had another friend over who has 2 girls and they all played SO good - all day!
We got home WAY after dinner time, so I threw some corn-dogs in the oven and had them run thru a shower right fast, then after dinner they went to bed!
I am about to go read my Bible chapters for tonight and see if I can get part of next years history planned out - in pencil of course- in my planner - that I am LOVIN!

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