Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Girls Only Day

We dropped Riley off again this morning and then we did our grocery shopping.  After that, we met some friends at Kittie's Kreation Bead Store.  The girls spent a while searching thru all the beads and finding just that 'perfect' color/style/size for them to make their jewelry.
Both girls chose to make an anklet.  They both worked hard - and walked away with very nice pieces of jewelry!  Samantha's was pink and mauve with a frosted flower in the middle.  Ash's was a black/gold beads alternating with clear yellowish beads.  They were proud!
Samantha and I were going to go to one of the library story time this afternoon, but we found out a friend would bring Riley home, so we went home and chilled - forgot all about the library!! Oh well, we missed the balloon man....drats....
Riley came home at 4:30 and asked if he could go watch TV.  He looked pitiful, and was DRAGGING!  I told him he needed to eat something then take a shower first.  He did just that.  He was in his bed in his PJ's by 5:30.  He didn't move - I just let him veg for the evening...
They both came to me at about 8:30 and said that they were going to bed...everyone lights out and it is quiet here...

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