Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dive certification

I slept pretty good last night - until storms came thru Hot Springs at 5 and woke me up.  I hit the day running, but knew it was going to be long.
Class was supposed to meet at the dock at 8am, and today I remembered a book!  They all loaded up their equipment and we headed back out to the dive spot.  They all jumped in the water and I grabbed my book and kicked back to read! The weather was cool, cloudy and breezy and felt great sitting up on the boat.  I did snap a few pics today, here is Rog going in the water:
 and here is Rog and his dive partners: and lastly, here is a fresh water sponge that one of the instructors found and brought up for us to see:
The divers still had a about an hour's worth of class back at the dock, then we headed to the house.  The kiddos were with gramma and since we weren't sure when we were going to be home, she was planing on taking then to VBS for the night.  We called and were supposed to be home right at dinner time, so we headed straight to her house and had dinner.  The kiddos are at VBS now and as soon as they get home, we are all headed to bed!

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