Monday, June 15, 2009


The kiddos were up at about their normal times this morning. 
The started digging in the cabinet and found the colorful clay.  Since they wanted to play with it, they were ready to help me clean off the school table.  The made all kinds of things with the clay - for hours! 
I had told them we would make a cake yesterday, and things changed, so that didn't happen - yet they didn't forget! I supervised the makings of a funfetti cake and then we made crazy cheese bread-stix for lunch. YUM!
After waiting FOREVER for the cake to cool, they frosted it and we dug in- that would be my favorite kind of cake, minus frosting - oh, and fresh out of the oven! 
The best part of my day ~ all 3 of my AT&;T rebates came in today.  I spent some time on the phone with Rainbow Resources and placed my order with Math U See - which only means that by mid-week next week, I am going to have to have figured out the new planner and start printing!
Took the kiddos to church for VBS and then went to my Ladies Bible Study...keep a friend from there in your prayers please. We only have a few more chapters in the book we are reading together - Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World.  Anyone have a suggestion for a book for a women's bible study group? We are a mixed group as far as ages and married/kiddos, so it would need to be something that worked for all women.
Kiddos are in the bed, and asleep.  I am headed that way to watch the news...which I will miss, because I am in the middle of a really good book!! More on that later!

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