Monday, April 6, 2009

Test day!

Today was a REALLY long day!! 
We got up with Rog this morning at 6:30 - something we NEVER do!!  The kiddos showered, ate, and got dressed and ready and we headed out to TEST.  They were a bit nervous, but we knew the lady who was their 'room mom' and then I got volunteered to be hall monitor, so they knew I was not to far out their door, they were fine. 
Once they finished up their tests, they were in a pretty good mood.  They said that the three parts that they took were not hard and they both felt pretty confident in what they had done, so we headed off to Chuck E Cheese's!  A small cheese pizza, a root beer and some tokens -what more could you ask for?  They had a great time playing games, and there was NO ONE there!  It was lovely!  I had taken a book, so I sat and read my book while they played.
Leaving our afternoon of games, we had to stop by the hospital.  My grandpa is having kidney troubles, so they took him to the ER this morning.  He had been placed in ICU, so the kiddos weren't able to go back and visit, so I didn't stay long, just ran back there to make sure he was ok and let him know I was praying for him. 
For dinner, I was going to make Cheeseburger Roll-up...but for some reason, the burger that I had didn't look worth using, so the kiddos had egg tacos and Rog and I had BLT's. 
I left them eating dinner and headed out to my bible study.  The women at our church are reading Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World together.  Last night's chapter was on worry, and while I don't really feel that I am a worrier, there were several ladies that needed this chapter and I think the few of us who were not as much of worriers as they were helped. 
There were two things in this chapter that stuck out to me - one, she says that she was able to turn her worrying around to praying.  Instead of worrying about her husband being in a wreck, she started praying, Lord, Please keep him safe.  Made a lot of sense to me.  The other thing that really jumped out at me - if it is not a big enough burden to pray about, it is not a big enough burden to worry about.
The kiddos were at Gramma's so I ran grabbed them and went to the station to work on some things down there.  We were going to stay until Rog and the rest of the guys got in from training, but they got called out for a fire before they made it back.  We waited a while, then it was getting late, so we came on home.  They are in bed now, Rog still isn't home, and it is late and I am tired...headed to bed!

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