Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today was a normal day - yet it was very cold and windy.  Rog left straight from work this morning and headed out fishing. The kiddos and I got up and went to church.
For lunch, we went to Gramma's house so they could have Easter with their cousins. We had a yummy ham lunch, complete with all the fixin's! After lunch, the kiddos dyed eggs, but none of them were into hiding them this year....
Rog and his dad had to go to Lowe's, so I left the kiddos at Gramma's and came home to take a nap.  They stopped here and picked me up on the way to Chelle's house for dinner.  She made Taco Soup...very yummy and a great cold weather dish - which made it perfect for the day! 
We stamped newsletters and got them ready to mail, then we played a couple rounds of Rage.  We had to come home early, the kiddos have to go to take their 'state mandated test' in the morning!

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