Saturday, April 4, 2009


Whew - today made up for yesterday being so boring!!  Samantha and I had to get up early -7am, hey, that is early for us!!  We had to be at Lake Dardnelle at 9 am for a Girl Scout event.  She worked and earned her Earth and Sky Try-it.  After we got out of our event, we met one of the other girls in our troop (she is a JR, we have a multilevel troop).  We had a picnic lunch, then the girls played for a while and me and Miss M chatted.  The JR event started at 1, so when it was time for her to head to that, we left and headed back toward the Rock. 
I had an errand or two on the way home, and we grabbed Riley...I was sooo tired!  The kiddos played Wii for a while, then Miss M and Sugarbear (Samantha's friend) came over because Sugarbear is staying the night. 
Miss M, who is my co-Leader, so we chatted about GS plans for next year - for 2 hours....I am pumped about the girls moving up to JR!!  Now, I need to get all the stuff that we riffled thru for the last 2 hours back organized!
I made the kiddos a late dinner - Toad in a Hole and cheese chunks and banana's. Then sent them to bed to watch Shrek.  That is where I am headed now!  We have church in the morning and getting the 3 kiddos up and going will be FUN....

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