Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We are giving it a try this week.  Since we were thrown off yesterday, I thought - why not.
I downloaded TimezAttack and they both played on it for about 30 minutes each.  Riley pulled out a dinosaur book that he has and worked in it for a while.  Samantha got one of our science books off the shelf and read several things in it.  We talked about hypothesis and did a project to use an educated guess!  We did learn that no matter what shape the bubble wand is, all bubbles are round.
After lunch, we read one chapter of history, we may finish it this week.  Riley played on and Samantha played one of our I Spy games.  From there, we played a game of Bendominoes.
Riley called grandpa and they are at scouts.  Samantha is playing TimezAttack again.

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