Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

Wow, this morning started off rough.  Rog was going to bring home stuff for me to throw together a few more things for the cake walk.  He called on his way home - right after the fire tones went off- said he was going on that call - he would be home soon.  He walked in the door about 25 minutes before we needed to leave - and remembered that I need the things in his car for the bake was too late.
We headed off to the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Cake Walk at the church.  They 'hide' about 5000 eggs for the kiddos, then we have a quiz contest and then the cake walk.  Even though I only shared a measley 2 dozen brownies, there was PLENTY of goodies.  All families walked away with ALOT of stuff.  Samantha and I won plenty of goodies...I am not sure how exactly we are going to eat all of all the candy that came in their portion of the 5000 eggs....
My Girl Scouts met me at the nursing home and we delivered all the bunny and chickie eggs that we made last night.  Some of the ladies were so precious.  The girls really felt good about doing that.  I was proud, all of them were there!  That seems to be rare for our group, well, for any group of scouts really.  While Samantha and I were gone, Rog and Riley went fishing.  They got back about the same time we did.  Didn't catch anything though....
Rog made me dinner - homemade chicken strips - my favorite!  Then, he and Samantha and a couple of friends headed out to fish again - they ended up catching 6 small fish.  They also left out some yoyo's or something that they are going back out in the morning and getting.  Riley and I hung out here - I tried to get him to play a game or two with me, but since I am not interested in Lego Batman for the Wii - then I don't rank...LOL...
We got the kiddos settled and all for the night, time to pull out the Easter Baskets - I think they will be excited about them....I shall share tomorrow!

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