Monday, April 13, 2009

Alive, alive, alive forever more...

That was the song that our praise team shared with us this morning...and the one that I have been singing all day!  Love that song!
Rog got up early this morning to go pull the yoyo's and said they were going to fish and he would do his best to be home in time for church.  The kiddos got up, found a bible cover in their Easter Baskets. Riley couldn't figure out what he was going to do with a lunch box...LOL...they found some eggs, then we had cinnamon-raisin rolls for breakfast - complements of a trip around the cake walk!  We were all ready to go to church and Rog walked in the door.  He got ready and was able to go with us!!  It was about that time that the rain started falling....and it never let up!
After church, we came home for a bite of lunch and to make some mac and cheese for our dinner.  Rog ended up going on a couple of rescue calls, then we headed out to grandpa's - in the rain.  The kiddos were going to have an egg hunt there, but it didn't happen.  We had a wonderful dinner and had a great time visiting and hanging out with the family. 
Mom, Dad and Chelle, along with a couple of friends came over and we played Rage.  We really need to spread out and find a new game - we are about to wear those cards out.  Next time Rog is at the station, we will be teaching our friends how to play canasta - Rog hates it.

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