Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

And it was chilly out!!
We had some company this morning ~ the kiddos had their cousins over for a while.  They finished their school work, then headed outside.  The 4 kiddos all played outside for a while, then they were in to play Indiana Jones on the Wii. I am still trying to clean up and straighten up in this office - it just keeps growing...
Grannie came to get Samantha and Riley and they went to lunch and I think a movie, then picked up Goosey from school.  The three of them played at Grannies until Chelle showed up here with all of them!
I had a big pot of Chicken and Dumplings on the stove, so the kiddos headed outside and played until dinner was ready.  We watched Howie Do It while the kiddos played Lego's.  I have heard a lot about Howie Do It and I wasn't impressed with it at all!!
I am off to check my emails and then head to bed to read and watch Jeff Dunham!  He can be ugly, but he is soo funny!

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