Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today was a little busy....
We got up early and took Chunky to his mom.  From there, we hurried back home to get our school work done.  Rog came home early, but went to help a friend move, so we were able to finish school without distractions.
We ended up picking up Em from school.  Her and the kiddos hadn't played together in a while, so they had a lot of fun - they were inside and out, playing Wii and chasing the dogs...
I tried something new tonight for dinner.  Well, new to us because I had never made it.  Salisbury Steak.  It was ok, I used a recipe I found online at  I think it needed something more.  Seemed awful bland to me, but since it was the first time I had made it, it was ok.  Will work on that one though!
Samantha had Girl Scouts, we are wrapping up our Fiji things.  We had a lady from our church come in tonight and help us cut pineapples.  We are serving them at Thinking Day. She shared with us a spice that is from Hawaii (ok, so it's not Fiji, but it is close!) called Li Hing Muy Powder.  She is letting us borrow some for our event. We cut up 10 pineapples!  That makes a lot!
Once I get all the sticky from pineapples off my hand, I am headed to bed to watch ER!

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