Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy Errand Day

We have been doing really good about keeping our errands all on one day.  Now if I can just arrange Doc appointments for those days as well, we will be home for most of the week.  However, we will sneak out to go to a field tripthat is on another day!!
Today, we really didn't have much to do.  Rog was home and went with us.  We went to Arby's for lunch, ran by the library, then to my Aunt's Florist to see what all she had that we could borrow for Girl Scout Thinking Day.  Our troop picked Fiji, so we are looking for tropical stuff.
Samantha had piano - Roger dropped us off and he took the boys to the Old Mill.  We combined the last two errands and had Roger drop Samantha, Chunky and I at the grocery store while he took Riley to his guitar lessons.  We were in the check out line when he called and said he was headed back to get us! 
The kiddos had church tonight, and I had a Girl Scout Leader's Meeting.  Rog and Waldo hung out here playing on the Wii.  They somehow managed to run most all of the boards on Wii Fit. Hmm...we will have to do something about that...

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