Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekend...

Friday ~ The kiddos were playing Wii when Gramma got here to pick up Chunky, so they stayed on playing.  We had dinner and they wanted to play again - they are trying to get thru Indiana Jones game.  I told them they could do that once they finished dinner, cleaned their mess and both had a bath/shower.  While Sis was in the shower, Gramma stopped by.  Riley was so funny - he went and grabbed his jacket - like she was there to get them.  They ended up going with her, even though that wasn't her purpose for coming by!  LOL.... Once they left, I grabbed my lastest book and headed to my warm bed to read.
Saturday ~ Rog came home from the station and started breakfast.  He made egg tacos - yummy!!  He and I ate breakfast, then started playing with the Wii.  We started with the MLB 2K8 game that he rented last week.  It is pretty funny, but not really my cup of tea. We both did our Wii fit age - he was 29 (down from 33) and I was 64 - the first time I did this.Yikes - I can do better than that!! Too bad you can only do that once a day.  We played thru the training items, then pulled out Dance Dance Revolution.  Roger got it for me for Christmas, and we tried it once, but couldn't figure it out.  We figured it out today - and we had so much fun with it. Gramma called - they were at WalMart - Rog talked her into getting us another mat for the game.  We called a few friends and invited them over for after dinner to play Wii.  Gramma was calling to ask Rog to come over and make Mexican Chicken for dinner at her house, so we told her what to get for dinner and for a dessert and went over there.  Had yummy dinner and a really yummy dessert - Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies!  After dinner, everybody - even Gramma - met back over here to play Wii.  Our original plans were a bowling tourney - but we started off with DDR.  We played several games - ending at 1am with a round or three of tennis - with 4 of us playing!  We had so much fun.  Gonna have to do that more often!
Sunday ~ Everyone was tired this morning. I got up and headed to church - left everyone else sleeping.  When I got home, Rog met me at the door - they had a fire call.  He had breakfast/lunch on the table - sausgae biscuits and gravy.  Told the kiddos and I to go ahead and eat. The kiddos finished breakfast and started Indiana Jones again.  Rog got home and I sat with him while he ate.  After I cleaned up the kitchen, we settled in the den to watch the kiddos.  We played DDR, and tennis, then Rog and Ry started MLB2K8.  THey played most of the game, then Roger got another fire call, so Samantha took over.  She got bored with it easily, so Ry played a round alone.  They were in the middle of IJ when Rog got home - I was dozing on and off in my chair.  At one point I woke up and Waldo ( a friend of ours) was here and he and Rog were playing MLB again.  They playyed a couple rounds of that while I napped - with both dogs piled in my chair with me.  Dinner was at mom's this weekend. Dad made a roast (Yummy!), then we played a game called Name Dropper.  It was one that mom and dad have had for a while, we played a long time ago - we weren't sure at first, but played many rounds and ended up having a lot of fun!!

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