Saturday, January 24, 2009

Starting the weekend

Today was simple around here...
Kiddos finished their school work and the we went to grab some groceries.  Rog and I were supposed to go out with some friends tonight, but they decided to go to the 10:30 show, and not the 8pm show - so we bailed on them - we're to old for that!
SInce we had already made arrangements for the kiddos - we still went out for dinner.  Chelle had gotten us an Outback (our very fave) gift certificate for Christmas, so we went out for dinner and then to Blockbusters for Wii games.  We rented MXvsATV and Deal or No Deal.  Deal or No Deal is funny -it is amazing how realistic the video games are!!  The MX/ATV game was ok - the guys all loved it, as did the kiddos - I didn't care for it though....
My eye has been bothering me ALL DAY...I have shed my contacts and am wearing glasses - it has been itching and red.  Pray that it goes away soon - it hurts something awful.  I am headed to bed to put a warm compress on it.

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