Saturday, January 24, 2009

My kitchen

My kitchen has white cabinets (yes, that makes me have more cleaning to do!) but my counter tops are black/speckeld with very little grey.  I have one light in the kitchen - it is a big 'kitchen light' - you know the kind that has the long bulbs (florescent - I think).  I like the light in there, unless I am working on the counter...then it is really dark.
 I have asked before if we could get some under cabinet lighting that fit . Rog says sure - find what you want and we will figure out how to install it...see- that's my plug on that wall where I would need the lighting - I can't afford to give up my plug space! 
Off to search and see what my options are...any ideas?  Do you have any under cabinet lighting? How is it hooked up?

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