Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monster Trucks ~ here they come!!

Saturday was fairly slow for us.  Chelle had the kiddos this morning, so we slept in.  Rog got up and started Sausage Biscuit Bread.  When it was finished, he called Waldo (a friend of his) and he came over and had breakfast with us and they started in on the Wii.
I started in on the kitchen.  I cleaned up breakfast mess.  Started on my sourdough bread - got it rising (never rose). Then I started on enchiladas!!  For dinner tomorrow night - I am trying something different with them, I hope they turn out ok!  I also made a pan of brownies for tonight.
My sourdough was a flop - see other blog post - so I will start another starter on Monday.
The kiddos came home and Chelle and Em stayed - we all alternated playing Wii.  The kiddos got showered and ready to go - Poppi was taking Rog and all 3 kiddos to see the Monster Trucks!!
Chelle and I went to mom's where she had another few friends over and we hung out, had dinner and played games until the rest of the crew got home. They had so much fun!  I will post pics soon!

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