Friday, January 2, 2009

Simple Friday

Roger was off today.  The kiddos were at Gramma's this morning, so he went with me to the doctor.  Doc said everything looked ok from the outside- drew some blood and I am going to call about it on Monday.  Since I have been hurting quite a bit, he gave me permission to take some of the meds that I have been off of for a while - just as a boost to get me thru a tough day.  Maybe that will help me feel better.
We ran a couple errands while we were out - I got Roger his birthday present - since he was with me and we were in the right part of town!  I got him an mp3 player like the ones the kiddos have.  We also ran and got his oil changed.
Once home, we he spent forever picking out songs and loading them onto the player.  We ate a big lunch - late - so we skipped dinner.  The kiddos came home from Gramma's - but they had already eaten.  So, we spent the rest of the evening playing Wii - we found the training level and worked thru all of those - I got a great workout!  I need to do that daily - or every other day at the least!  I didn't do so great on some of them - they were hard!  And funny!

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