Saturday, January 3, 2009

And it's HOT again...

This weather is killing me!  The back and forth from 35 -75 degrees every few days is really starting to take it's toll on me! We hung around this morning - doing much of nothing.  Roger was off again.  We went to a birthday party this afternoon at the bowling alley - kiddos soon realized that bowling in real life was different than bowling on the Wii!! LOL!!  Riley did manage to get 2 strikes - he was pretty proud of that!
Once home, I started on dinner- tater tot casserole and carrots - while dinner was cooking, Roger and I played a round of 9 holes of golf, then tried to figure out my Rubic's World game.  After we got cleaned up from dinner- Gramma, and some friends of ours came over - we watched the kiddos play the Wii for a while, then the 5 of us played Uno Spin and Uno Flash.  After a few rounds of each - we went back and took over the Wii game.  We set up Mii's for everyone and we all took turns playing a few rounds of the training level!
I am off to take my meds and hit the bed - hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!

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