Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

WOW ~ I know ~ everyone is saying it, but 2008 flew by!  I am ready for the new year!  On the Five In  A Row board, eveyone picks a word for the year and that is the word that we want to see improvement in throughout the year.  They all did this in 2008, but I failed at it...I am giving it a try again this year.  My word for 2009 is FOCUS!  I want to FOCUS on ~ my walk with God, my family, my home, my chores, the kiddos school, the kiddos lives! well, you get the picture!  I am going to FOCUS this year!
Sadly, today I focused on Napping!  The kiddos stayed last night with Grannie and I slept in.  When I got up, I checked on the kiddos and mom said dad was starting Midnight breakfast, so I went over there and ate with them.  I was tired, and the kiddos have had way too much stimulation this past week or so, so we came home and we all went to our own rooms - we all napped.  They read some, played DS (against each other of course), took a warm bath (seperately) and napped.  I alternated between reading and napping. 
Gramma had us over for traditional New Year dinner- Stuffed Prok Roast, Black-eyed Peas, Rice, Rolls, and Spinach.  YUM!  I stuffed myself, but it was soo good!  The kiddos stayed there with her.  I have been trying to figure out their mp3 players and I think I have music on them for the kiddos.  I have also been messing around with my blog and my reading list.  It is starting to get late, so I think I am about to hit the hay!!

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