Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Voice

I have been reading THE VOICE ~ New Testament and while I have enjoyed the ease of reading this version of the Bible, I do not feel I am grounded enough in the KJV to go at something else totally blind, so I have been reading and comparing it along side my KJV Bible. 
I know that by sitting down with The Voice and reading it, like a book, it has helped me more understand what I am reading when I sit down and read my KJV Bible.
If you are a beginner with the Bible reading or have trouble understanding and following along, I recommend reading thru this.  HOWEVER ~ I think the KJV is the Bible and think that anything you read should be compared to this and studied for the true meaning - that is found in KJV. 
The Voice is great if you need a basic story line to help you jump into the New Testament in your Bible.

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