Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost the weekend

Thursday was quite a productive day. I got up before the kiddos - first time for - and got started on stuff for the Ladies Auxiliary - we had a meeting tonight.  Once they were up, we ate breakfast and got started on school work.  They were very s-l-o-w today...but we got thru it all - except science.  We are at a stand still with science because we need a dark room and we don't think about it at night.  We will get it done soon...I hope!
They both got started cleaning their room - they were told no Wii until rooms passed inspection....they were not quite there last I looked!  I started on the bathroom - the main bath is shiny on the outside!  I need to do some cleaning out and re-organizing in the cabinets - I will get there - but for now I am working on the outside of things!
Dinner was simple -chicken patties and oven fries- then off to LA meeting.  We canceled GS due to a few not being able to make it.  We didn't have much planned - we are working on a display for Fiji for World Thinking Day - which coinsides with World Missions Day - anyone know if they are related to each other or is that a total fluke?
There was only about half of us at the LA meeting, but we got lots of things accomplished!  We are in the process of our Annual Open House  - happens on first Sunday in May - to go along with International Fallen Firefighter Day.  We got started divying up the sections that we need to tackle - I got kids again - I will be back to ask for some ideas - share with you all what I did last year - how it worked and see if any of you can help with some ideas!
Well, Jeff Dunham is on, so I am headed to bed to read - and listen to him - too funny!!! Jef-f-fah Dun-HAM!

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