Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Today was sure busy! We got up, got our school work finished and rounded up things to head out for the day.  We had so many errands to do - along with guitar and piano lessons - we didn't even have time for groceries!!
Home long enough to take a breathe and get my dinner started (more meatballs!) then I ran the kiddos to church - they had dinner there and I ran back home for my dinner - meatballs, rice and brown gravy -yum!  Back at church for bible study, there was a young child upstairs- which is unusual - kiddos are downstairs. He came to the front of the church when Bro. P started and told us his mom sent him over to the prayer house to ask for prayer for his family.  He couldn't tell us anything specific - mom said it was a secret.  He chose to stay and go downstairs with the rest of the kiddos and youth - a few of the elders agreed on taking him home to make sure all was safe.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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