Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plain old Wednesday...

We hung out at around the fireplace today being all warm and cozy while we did school work.  Then when we picked up Em, she had homework, so Samantha and Riley sat down with her and finished the rest of thier seat work for the week (YAY!). 

They finished up just in time to sneak in a little outdoor time before church.

I dropped them at church and meet up with one of my Girl Scout mom's who has graciously offered to help me with COOKIE sales this year!  We had to go to Cookie training tonight.  We arrived right as the bottom let out and it stormed then entire time we were there, letting up to a nice sprinkle to drive home in. 

Our cookie stuff has changed this year, so we are going to have to work harder to earn the same amount...

Roger is working late again, so I am waiting for him to come home...

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