Thursday, December 4, 2008

LONG day...

I woke the kiddos up earlier than normal this morning and picked up some friends and headed downtown to see The Nutcracker!  We loved it!  I was worried that the kiddos may think it was a bit boring, and one of the kiddos with our group actually said -I think it would be better if they were talking - and another said - I can't believe there was only one battle - there should have been more - LOL  My three kiddos thought it was AWESOME (and I quote!).  We had to park several blocks away and it was a cold trek down to the place and back, but we had a good time.

Ran home long enough to grab a bite to eat and then we were back out again...this time to 4H.  It was one of our first meetings and it was GREAT!  I was so proud of those kiddos!  They did a great experiment, and played some fun games...all things went smooth!  Way to go Kiddos!

Luckily, I had stew cooking in the crock pot, so we ran home and I threw some cornbread together and we had a quick dinner.

Samantha and I ran back out the door to our Girl Scout meeting - we had a simple award ceremony where the girls got their patches that they had earned so far - we made homemade, from scratch chocolate chip cookies to ship to a soldier over seas that we have adopted - and we packed a goody box for him, that I will ship out next week.  Busy meeting, but they all had fun.

Sorry I have been lacking on the photos, I need to empty my camera, then I can do a catch up post and fill you all in with the pictures of our activities.

We just finished watching Survivor and I am headed to bed to get comfy before ER comes on. I hope I make it all the way thru ER - it was a long day for me also.

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