Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally Friday...

The kiddos got up this morning and worked really hard on getting thier rooms cleaned.  They stripped their beds and I will be working on sheets and blankets this weekend.  They got got everything cleaned great!

After that, they packed up and are headed out with gramma and grampa to spend a few days at the cabin.  I am staying home to take care of a few things around here while they all go have fun.

My plans include to work on some fun lesson plans...once they return, hopefully we will start reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and doing some fun things along with it.  I am searching for some stuff right now!  If I can't get my hands on that book, we will read and learn about Christmas Carol and do some extended on Night Before Christmas.

Rog is at the station, so I am going to spend the evening cleaning up my faves folder, moving them to my portaportal and searching for links that I can use for these three stories!

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