Sunday, December 7, 2008

A weekend away

Well, since the kiddos headed out Friday night, I decided on a whim to load up Saturday morning and go with Rog to deer camp.  He got home from work, and we loaded up and headed out.  Got into town about lunch time, grabbed a bite to eat, then headed to the camper.  Once we got there and got the camper set to go, he got ready and headed out to his stand.  I enjoyed the nice, quiet camper with no TV, Radio, Computer or phone to distract me...I read, napped, and read some more.  Once it got past time to hunt, I started dinner.  We had a nice dinner of chops and mac and cheese!  Afterwards, we watched I AM LEGEND - well, Roger watched it, I couldn't get into it, so I finished my book.

Everything was fine and warm when we went to bed....but I woke up at 3 am freezing!  The gas bottle that runs the heater had emptied and it was COLD!  Rog got up and went out and switched out the gas bottle.  It worked fine, then he had the generator on for an hour before he went out to hunt.  He told me it should be fine, that the battery was charged...well, it wasn't!  When he returned at 9, I was still in the bed, under as many blankets as I could find -freezing!  He got the generator and the heater, started back up, then we started getting ready to head back home.

Sunday afternoon, we managaed to finish the kiddos Christmas and my nephews as well.  We have a few more things, then we are done with shopping! Dinner was at mom's...we left soon after to go get my nephew, then back to mom's to play phase 10.  Chunky and Em played nicely together while we played cards.  Chunky is staying here tonight, so I need to get him in bed.

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